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Laser welding system for
Manotherm Beierfeld GmbH.

That was the task.
Construction of a laser welding system for sensors and pressure gauge housing with simultaneous use of optical beam path and deflection of the laser beam with scanner mirrors.


And this is how we solved it.
A 300 W fibre laser with the best beam quality (single mode) was chosen as the laser source. The properties (focal length image) of the optical components were coordinated such that the parallel laser beam was directed via a motor beam switch through fixed focusing of the highest quality once and laterally deflected by the laser scanner once.

Both the scanner and the fixed optics hang on a 3-axis portal system and are moved over the stationary workpieces.

The benefits are the short set-up times despite the change of system in the beam guidance and optimal use of the beam source for two difference applications.

Your system can be this compact. Clean construction and integration into the facility.


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