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Supra-company training with newly founded association


Supra-company training with newly founded association

RJ Lasertechnik continues to provide vocational training with added value.

For many years, RJ Lasertechnik GmbH has been committed to in-company vocational training. So far, this project has been organized by BANG, the vocational training network in the trade sector. The idea behind this is to add a supplement to the dual vocational system in the form of inter-company training. The result is a trial vocational training system.

TIAFThe Aachen group has separated from the BANG network, but the concept remains and is continued by the new training association TIAF-AC

RJ Lasertechnik continues to be involved in this initiative, providing value-added vocational training to the company's apprentices.

The current TIAF flyer can be downloaded >> here <<.

Further information is available via:
Phone: +49 (0)2451 91054-0 or
E-mail: info@rj-lasertechnik.de

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